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Solar Installation Financing Saratoga NY

Increase your Property Value while Lowering your Monthly Budget

Solar Loan

sunOur most popular option – High Peaks Solar provides full financing for credit qualified homeowners who wish to save money on their electric bill. We require only a $300 deposit – which is applied to the project cost. Half of the system cost is covered by government incentives, and the balance is financed for 15-years. Call us to schedule a free consultation to show you how you can save $ by going solar.

Same As Cash

sunFor credit qualified homeowners who wish pay off their system within 12-months, High Peaks Solar offers the option to go solar with only a $300 deposit. This deposit will be applied to the project, and homeowners pay off the balance after 12-months.

Purchase vs. Lease

sunAll of our solar financing options are for purchasing – as opposed to leasing. Purchasing facilitates an investment in your property while lowering your monthly budget; what other investment does that?


Hedge Against Inflation

sunOwning your solar – as opposed to leasing (which typically includes an “escalator”) or continuing to rely on energy from the grid (which is subject to inflation) – gives you control of your finances. With your solar purchase – you will enjoy fixed-cost energy while saving money. This is something we can all agree on.


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