Solar Power Installation Services

Commercial Solar

High Peaks Solar also installs commercial PV systems.  To date, the company has installed over 4 Megawatts of commercial projects.  Many of these projects have been located on flat rubber roofs, or have been mounted on the ground.  These projects often require extensive understanding of three phase electrical infrastructure.  Having worked with several of New York’s utilities for commercially sized projects in the past, High Peaks Solar is the right partner for your next commercial PV project!  We understand the work and attention required to design, install, and maintain a PV project.  We have a three phase inverter at our showroom, so schedule an appointment today to plan your commercial PV project!

EPC Work

High Peaks Solar has big project experience.  If you are looking for an EPC contractor with decades of experience, contact High Peaks Solar.  The company brings its clients expertise in design, construction, and maintenance.  Look no further than High Peaks Solar for your big project needs!  In the photo shown above, High Peaks Solar both designed and installed the array shown.  This project was 10MW DC in size with an interconnection point voltage of 13.2kV.  The project used SMA High Peak 3 inverters and bi facial Canadian Solar panels.

Residential Solar

High Peaks Solar has been installing residential PV systems since 2008 in New York State. Prior to that, members of the company were installing systems as employees of Central Vermont Solar throughout Vermont since 2005. High Peaks Solar has installed over 180, high quality, residential PV systems throughout New York State. From Essex, to Middletown, to Watertown, our company covers most of New York State.

Off Grid Solar Systems

A convenient, affordable solution to go Off Grid, Go Solar!

Looking for a viable option for electricity? Many people either don’t have access to electricity in remote areas or it’s not affordable. Going off grid the way to go.

Great for: camps, real estate investors, outdoor lovers, hunting cabins and those who just live in remote areas.

EV Solar Carports

Are you buying or do you already own and electric vehicle? High Peaks Solar is now offering a solar carport with integrated EV charger! High Peaks Solar can work with you to custom design a solar carport/charging station to match your EV and the amount of driving you do. There are variety of EV charger sizes to choose from.

Solar Power Lithium Battery Storage Installer

High Peaks Solar has been installing solar panels with batteries for twelve years.  As we move into the era of solar panels with lithium battery storage, High Peaks Solar is positioned to offer storage expertise to its clients.  Solar panels with lithium batteries offer reliable storage during a grid outage.  If you would like to retrofit your existing solar panels to have storage, High Peaks Solar can help.  We can also design new solar plus storage solutions for our residential and commercial clients.


High Peaks Solar, LLC has over 37 years of combined photovoltaic systems installation and maintenance experience. We pride ourselves on making every customer happy. High Peaks Solar extensive customer base allows us to monitor and record solar production so that future customers can know what to expect from their installations. Having a proven track record can reassure all of our new clients peace of mind.


High Peaks Solar offers you a dedicated service team that is familiar with every single installation. If your system is ever in need of service, our clients always know that High Peaks Solar, LLC will be there for them. We keep detailed records of every installation, so that your system can produce clean electricity for the long haul!



As we all know too well, the future of mankind will have enormous decisions to make in regards to energy use. Our current consumption of fossil fuels is polluting the air and water, causing major health concerns. Many of us know that the rate of fossil fuel usage cannot sustain mankind into the future much longer. The clean energy future will not only include solar, but also wind, hydrogen, and biomass. High Peaks Solar’s showroom is a net zero facility that uses no oil or natural gas to heat. Our electricity is derived from the grid and our solar panels, which produce enough annual electricity to totally cover our consumption. We hope our showroom can serve as a model for how homes and business’s can heat and cool without using fossil fuels, while deriving their electricity from the sunshine.

About High Peaks Solar

High Peaks Solar, LLC incorporated into New York State in 2011. Prior to that, the company was operating as a DBA called Sycaway Solar and Wind since 2008. High Peaks Solar’s founder, Kevin Bailey, began working in the photovoltaic industry after a chance encounter with John Blittersdorf, owner of Central Vermont Solar and Wind, in 2005. Mr. Blittersdorf offered Kevin an internship as a photovoltaic installer in 2005. Through this internship, Kevin gained a deep understanding of photovoltaic systems, both off grid and grid connected. Because of the broad knowledge that Mr. Blittersdorf taught to Kevin, High Peaks Solar, LLC is able to offer a vast spectrum of solar products and services. These include large grid connected projects, off grid projects for remote cabins or trailers, solar well pumps, battery based solar generators for homes, and much more.