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Community Solar Farms Albany NY

We have one in Albany and one in Utica underway and waiting for you to join!
Our community solar farms will allow customers to enjoy the benefits of solar panels without having them on their property.  High Peaks Solar has multiple sites across New York State with spaces available for solar farm membership.  High Peaks Solar’s community solar farm memberships allow all types of customers to participate.  If you have National Grid as your electricity provider and you live in Zone C, E, or F, then you can join one of our community solar farms.
Each of our community solar farms has their own web site.  For our Albany area community solar farm, please visit  For our Utica area please visit
And a new Western N.Y. location in Sandy Creek, N.Y. go to

How Does it work?

Track 1 - Pay as you go

Track 2 - Buy Down Option

– High Peaks Solar builds, owns, operates, and maintains a solar project.
– Solar panels from the farm are allocated to members based on their need.
– Utility company has a list of all participating members
– Electricity is sold to customers, who receive credits on their bill.
– Credits offset BOTH Supply and Delivery charges, but not basic service charge.

– Sign up for a better electricity rate than National Grid.
– Steady rate for 1, 5, or 20 years.
– Two bills; 1 from National Grid and 1 from High Peaks Solar.
– Billed Monthly at the same budgeted rated.
– 60 Day Opt-out window
– First option to re-enlist

– Upfront Payment Required
– No Monthly bill from High Peaks Solar
– 20 Years of Solar Credits
– No Tax Credit Hassle
– Production Guarantee


To learn more, we will have informational meetings every Thursday for Hope Solar Farm in Saratoga at Saratoga CoWorks. Click here for details.

To participate in one of our community solar farms, please attend one of our information sessions listed on the web site.  You must talk with a sales representative in order to enroll in one of our community solar farms.  Please call today to learn more about how you can join and how it will benefit you!”

No need for solar panels to be mounted on your home to reap the benefits.

For more information from NYSERDA and the NY-Sun team regarding Community Solar, please visit this link:

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